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Maven is a strategic agency partner for Canadian
pharmaceutical companies and health care practitioners.

We believe in first principles thinking—the process of 
breaking assumptions down to their fundamental truths
and building a solution from the ground up.

We actively question every assumption about how an
agency should operate within the healthcare sphere, and
aim to build and continuously evolve a more targeted
and complete customer centred solution.

Maven is the anti-agency, agency.

Our Values



Always ask questions to uncover insights. Strive towards a deeper understanding of the brand and its strategic objectives. Create solutions aligned with brand and company strategy.



Always put the client at the centre of everything we do. Prioritize face-to-face meetings. Offer choice. Proactively manage projects. Anticipate obstacles and plan for contingencies. Anything to make the process smoother and the client’s life easier.



Strive for unquestioned client satisfaction. Always propose solutions that are innovative, high-value, and elegant. Make the client look like a rock star for their company.


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